Assumptions in Paris

By The Wife

I planned a big trip to France this year, after years of procrastination and watching fares. Finally, we would be “N****s in Paris” like Jay-Z and Kanye–before Ye lost it and they fell out. Or maybe we would be like Jay-Z and Beyonce famously taking over the Louvre as they did in Ape Sh*t. Most importantly, it is my 40th birthday so I wanted to do something awesome.

So, for months, I watched cheap flights, made sure that our finances were on point and finally reserved our plane tickets. I’d spoken to cousins and coworkers who have traveled to or live in Paris ad nauseam before making this purchase. I sent the itinerary to Karen and all is perfect. We were both ecstatic. I get this multi-tour trip to Europe of my dreams.

Shortly after I sent Karen the booking, she told me her boss talked her out of going because of recent civil unrest. I was so irritated. After a compromise (and a few heated discussions), I reluctantly booked a trip to Barcelona, Spain, which was Karen’s number one choice. I figured that we could still take the high-speed rail to Paris, right? Absolutely not! Karen insisted that she didn’t want to take six-hour train ride after a long flight. “I never get the trip that I want!”, I proceeded to kick and scream in my head.

That was the last straw. I threatened to go by myself, but reality hit me and I recognized that I’m not that much fun on my own. I was hoping for a resolution. I figured that I would settle with going to Spain with Karen and be stank (definition: have a bad attitude) about taking the train to Paris. Because I just had to get to France. I assumed that this was it; there was no other compromise. I either had to deal with her attitude, or she would deal with mine, with probably one of us throwing shade at any little inconvenience or challenge that may have popped up while traveling.

However, when everything seems at a loss, sometimes a new option presents itself. This weekend, Karen pulled up a map of Spain and asked, “Why don’t we compromise and take a shorter trip to the South of France?” The South of France! That worked for me. It’s a much shorter train ride and I get the multi-country tour that I wanted. Also, flying to Barcelona and spending a couple of nights in France was cheaper than the trip to Paris. So everything unfolded perfectly and we will ultimately be N****s in France.

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