Life can be challenging. We can help with our professional fee-based counseling services.

Rev. David Allen Cruz
Phone:  (818) 841-1422
Availability: Monday – Saturday from 10:00 – 5PM
Certification: Emerson Institute
Price: $ 75


What is the purpose of a spiritual counseling session?
To provide Spiritual Guidance to support an individual to find clarity on any issue. No topic is off-limits, and there is no issue that’s too big or too small. Counseling sessions are intended to be supplemental to an ongoing spiritual practice, though ongoing sessions may be available upon request.

60-minute sessions are a great supplemental tool for your spiritual practice, or to help you get started on developing a spiritual practice. An existing spiritual practice is not required. However, having a consistent spiritual practice is a great tool to develop and maintain your life goals.

What happens in a counseling session?
Each session is completely confidential. The individual provides a brief overview of the topic where they’d like to find clarity. Then, I support the individual in identifying the best course of action to move forward. Lastly, we confirm this new commitment together in prayer.

Who should seek a counseling session?
Anyone! Counseling sessions can be useful for anyone from any religious affiliation or belief system, in any profession (or lack of profession), facing any issue at all.

How can I pay for my sessions?
We currently have two options below:
1) Cash
2) Check
3) Venmo

What if I don’t live in the Los Angeles Area?
Sessions can conducted remotely via Skype or Zoom calls.

How does this differ from coaching or therapy?
I am not a therapist or a life coach. However, I am confident that I can support anyone with finding clarity in any area of their life. Spiritual Guidance is not counseling in the usual sense, or the giving of advice. The purpose is to lead the individual to find the solution that works best for them to move forward into the next moment.