Intuitive AF

Back in April, my intuition pointed me to three spiritual principles to define Spirit Uncensored: Choice, Faith and Gratitude. However, my intuition failed to warn me that to lead this organization successfully, I would have to go through a gauntlet of spiritual lessons on the power of choice, faith and gratitude.

This month, we’re focusing on faith. Unfortunately, releasing fear and trusting that my life is always unfolding perfectly is easier said than done. But because I’d just completed a 4-month exploration of “The Power of Decision”, I foolishly believed I could simply choose to let my intuition guide me through my personal tests of faith.

I feel like I use my intuition about 68% of the time…so I’m not quite intuitive AF. But now that I’m focused on following my intuition, I’ve made a little progress. And I’ve also realized how unrealistic it was to expect that 14 consecutive days of meditation would make me intuitive AF. Is it possible? Absolutely. But not realistic.

Every big task is accomplished by steady and consistent practice. Though I may not feel intuitive AF, I know that with practice, I’ll get better. Choosing faith might be really hard, but faith is the best alternative to fear that we have.

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