Leadership – Spiritual Rockstars

Rev. Karen Frost – Senior Minister

Rev. Karen Frost says that growing up in a Jewish and Christian household inspired her to explore spirituality. In her search for the “right” religion, she discovered that most religions had the same underlying principles. There is an omnipotent, power of love that we would all benefit from if we believed in it faithfully. Buddha wasn’t a Buddhist. Jesus wasn’t a Christian. Muhammad wasn’t a Muslim. They were teachers who taught love. LOVE was their religion.

This realization guided her to the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, the first spiritual community she’d ever known that honored all religious faiths. Her time at Bodhi gave her the strength and courage to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the TV industry. Her personal mission is to use television to inspire positive change, which has been demonstrated in her work on TV shows like The Fosters and Two Sides. She is a Creative Executive at JuVee Productions, Viola Davis and Julius Tennon’s production company.

Rev. Karen received her Religious Science practitioner license through the Centers for Spiritual Living at Global Truth Center LA in 2015. The following year, she completing her ministerial program, licensed through the Emerson Institute. Rev. Karen also volunteers as a teen mentor at the Global Truth Center and a young adult mentor at Center for Spiritual Living Simi Valley.

Rev. David Allan Cruz – Senior Minister

Rev. David Allan Cruz is a licensed minister of Religious Science and a staff minister with the Global Truth Center of Los Angeles. He is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach with more than fifteen years of experience and practices hypnotherapy from his office at Happy & Relaxed in Burbank, CA.

David is a public speaker and workshop leader. He is a former actor with El Teatro Campesino and was a professional singer working in clubs, casinos and cruise ships for over thirty years. He is bilingual English and Spanish and has been active in the Latino community all of his life.

David’s vision and motivation is to help enhance the spiritual evolution that is needed for all of us to create a world filled with Peace, Love and Happiness.

Spiritual Rockstars – Board of Directors

  • Rev. Karen Frost, RsCP
  • Rev. David Allan Cruz, RsCP
  • Martha Villar, RsCP
  • Jade Delgado
  • Ronnie Frost, MBA
  • Neyda Carballo Ricardo