Shit-Talking Karen

Working in the television industry is literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I spent my first 3 ½ years in LA cycling through unemployment, unpaid internships and part-time jobs. It took 4 more years of working as an assistant before I finally stepped into an executive role. On top of that, working in the TV industry is EXTREMELY challenging. There are a lot of tight deadlines with expectations of perfect and polished content, a high volume of work, and managing a lot of anxious people who are stressed out by the challenging workload.

This perfect storm of events led to the birth of Shit-Talking Karen. She’s the voice in my head who second-guesses everything. She criticizes me every opportunity she gets. She judges everyone and everything that doesn’t go her way. I discovered her during a forgiveness exercise last weekend at the NextGEN Centers for Spiritual Living Spiritual Retreat. In the activity, I apologized to Shit-Talking Karen for giving her my power, and I took it back.

“The Power of Decision” says, “Troubles result when an unintelligent factor is introduced into a field of intelligent activity.” Worry, fear, hate, resentment, and negative thinking are examples of unintelligent factors. Basically, the perfect description of Shit-Talking Karen.

I’ve been living without her for the past five days and the experience has been glorious. Every time I make a mistake, I catch her trying to jump in with her little two cents. But I kick her ass out every time. Shit-Talking Karen no longer has a home here.

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