The Badass’ Guide to Almost Being Impeccable with Your Word

By: Ashlee Kelly

When Rev. Karen Frost told me about the Four Agreements Series, I was excited! I was in the middle of the Fifth Agreement but decided to go back to the Fourth Agreement and read a long with her talks. Then, she got the bright idea that I should be a guest blogger, no big deal. I’m a blogger, I can blog, but I rarely venture outside of content that’s not about me. I’m awesome so why talk about anything else?

When it came time to compose this post, I struggled a bit. Although I had outlined my goals and created a bomb-ass vision board, a series of events made it tough for me to be impeccable with my word. I think I’ve come along way in the “don’t talk shit about anyone else” scale (maybe not), but I mostly struggle with being impeccable with my word towards myself. I fear that if I do everything right (meditate, pray, recite affirmations, workout, drink water and semi-mind my own business), things could still go wrong. I understand that’s life but new year, new me. Right?

So, I’ve decided to go back to the basics, taking baby steps and because I am a nice person (if you couldn’t tell by now), I am sharing them with you.

1. Every day, every minute and every second is an opportunity to start over, to make new agreements.
2. Tell yourself “my word is powerful AF.”
3. The opinion that no one asked you for may be toxic AF.
4. Worry about yoself (yes, I meant to spell it like that, worry about yoself).
5. Know some of the fears you and I have is as a result of the opinions of others and I am tired of agreeing to that shit.
6. Remind yourself that acting against yourself is a sin (cause your word is powerful AF).
7. Last but certainly not least, don’t use your word against yourself (your word is powerful AF, have you not been listening)?

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Ashlee Kelly is originally from New Orleans (very important) but resides in Jackson, Mississippi (not as important). She has an awesome 1-year-old, is married and with the free time she has (outside of working for the man), she operates her many businesses and twerks in her living room.

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